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Facebook 101 for Thirty one

OK Facebook is a power house for marketing and communications. Embrace it! It’s a bit confusing to set up different pages (at least I thought so initially). This is what I did. I highly suggest this order!! Went to my personal page and on the bottom navigation bar do “create page”. I created a local business… Continue reading Facebook 101 for Thirty one

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Buy a URL for your Thirty-One business

It is easier to market your online store and for people to remember it when you have a catchy URL. The home office sets up your personal website. Mine is  But it’s long and hard to remember if you don’t know me. So I went to and bought a URL: for $9.99/year. You… Continue reading Buy a URL for your Thirty-One business

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First things first

When I first joined Thirty-one I was overwhelmed with all the information and advice available online. Its great to have so many resources but I didn’t know where to start.

I wanted to help you navigate your way through it all!
First up! Enroll with Thirty-One and get your enrollment kit. Keep the big pink box it comes in. It’s helpful for vendor events!

Second, ask a few good friends or family members to host a party for you. Not an online only party. You need to be in front of people! It’s great practice and I promise it gets easier the more you do it! Book several parties you first month. It gives you momentum and it’s so exciting to have a full calendar!

P.S. even if you plan on just being a personal use consultant, still have your parties in the beginning. It’s the best way to learn about Thirty-One’s product line.