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What’s your sales party style?

Figuring out your party style is tricky because so much of it is determined by the audience. However, I think it’s good to know your general style and adapt it from there.

Do you prefer:
1- to share information
2-play games, games, and more games
3-pass products/answer questions

In reality, we all are probably a mix of all three. I think it’s helpful to know what YOU are most comfortable and go from there.

For me, I like a few well placed games but I find many to be cheesy (sorry!!) I find one I would like to play as a guest and use those (catalog scavenger hunt, festive games for holidays). And if the group knows each other, it’s fun to get some competition going! Laughter is always a great thing.

I also like to have several guests come up to be a model for the bags and jewelry. So I’ll say “Megan is a teacher and is going to work!” and show the popular bags for that profession. “Alice is going on a weekend trip!” and highlight travel goodies we have. It’s a way to get people out of their seats and then we pass the bags around for the group to touch and examine!

A big lesson learned from one party!
One party I did had 16 woman. I was psyched! I talked up how much the hostess would be getting in rewards to her. We were all so excited….however, it was SO hard! No one listened, they talked and talked. They ate, they drank, they talked. They did not shop. Even my games with free giveaways didn’t get them concentrating on me! I ended up working my tail off, answering the same questions over and over, not able to truly sell much beyond a few people. I walked away with a handful of orders and exhausted!

So what did I learn? Next time I have a big group, DO NOT over promise to your hostess all these awesome rewards she will get. A large numbers of guests does not equate to high sales! I will have products all over the room to spark guests’ interest, initiate individual conversations and do a large end of night prize based on orders, not attendance.

Parties are the heart of our business and they are fun! It’s exhilarating (and scary!) to meet new people and such a great opportunity for growing your business and your sales pitch. Embrace it and party like a Thirty-One rockstar!


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