“Income producing” tasks

In this world of social media and sharing, it is so easy to get sidetracked from your work. You can spend hours finding beautiful pins of Thirty-One products. Stay on Facebook groups, sharing ideas and asking questions.

There are so many resources. Great!! But….is it really?

My mentor suggested I concentrate on “income producing” tasks. And it’s made a big difference. Instead of pinning a bunch of Thirty-One images, I contact customers to ask if they need anything. Rather than read article on direct sales, I made a recruiting postcard to hand out at my event next week. You see the difference?

Plus, I’m busy. We all are. I have kids, a house, pets…there is a lot of things that have to get done in my day! If I concentrate on a solid 30 minutes of….here it is again….”income producing” tasks my business is in a better place. I AM IN A BETTER PLACE! I have prioritized, gotten important things done and now I can play Candyland with my daughter and have no guilt or things looming over me!

And I’ll check out Pinterest tonight on the couch for fun!


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