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Starting out with business supplies

I made lots of mistakes when I bought my first round of supplies. I went crazy on Etsy and bought up a storm! I got super cute stuff but I didn’t end up needing it all.

Instead? Go to and buy supplies from their partner Vista print. Get a small batch of supplies so you can see what you use most often.

Once you have your groove, THEN start looking on Etsy and graphic designer websites if you want a more custom look for your marketing. There are so many great options and talent out there! But I’d get my feet wet with the designs already made for Thirty-One consultants first! Be smart with how you spend your money!!

Marketing supplies I use most
1-Labels, labels and more labels! I have my contact information label that goes on all the catalogs, mini catalogs, flyers etc. I don’t do a stamp. I use labels; much easier to read! It’s obscene how many labels I go through!!

2-Customer thank you sheets: You know, the ones that you put on the outside of the bag with the customer name saying “you helped the hostess earn x in rewards”. I use these on my party orders!

3-cute notepad with my info: whenever I drop a note to my kids’ teacher, neighbor etc I write it on my Thirty-One stationery. It’s cute and reminds them that I sell it! Win/win.

I certainly have other supplies (business cards, you’ve been spotted cards etc.) but I don’t run out of these very often.

So see how your business starts running before you purchase too many custom orders! And when you ARE ready for your custom marketing material, have fun! It’s so exciting finding a design that you love!!


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