Work at home

Tips for working from home

Working from home is great but has its challenges.  In my case, I love selling Thirty-One so I do work instead of my chores, laundry etc! Seriously, the first two months I started my house was a disaster because I just wanted to do Thirty-One and nothing else!!

I love the extra income Thirty-One gives me. It feels amazing to be providing for your family while also enjoying being at home. I feel so lucky.

Benefits working from home
Flexibility! I am a single mom of three busy kids. I need to work but also be able to adapt my day for sick kids, field trips, sports etc. However as I run around in the car, doing the carpool thing, it’s a great time to squeak out work. I write my thank you cards waiting for my kids. I look at my hostess checklists for upcoming parties. Working for Thirty-One is so mobile that it is easy to fit into your busy life.

How to organize the day
For me, I need a plan to maximize my effectiveness. I do my “need to do” items in the morning: customer outreach, bills, hostess coaching, work on upcoming promotions, business planning. I usually just do 20 minutes. Then I do my day with my kids. At night, I am tired and so I do my fun social media stuff like Facebook posts to my VIP group, Pinterest. This is when I contact my hostesses too. I find 9PM at night they are more responsive than 9AM!

Of course if I customer emails or texts in the middle of the day, I get back to them as soon as possible. But the majority of my planned work happens at the beginning and end of the day.


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