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How to join Thirty-One

In order to join Thirty-One you must choose a consultant to work under. When I joined, I found a local consultant, called her and signed under her. I didn’t know her at all!

What does an upline do?
The consultant you work under is called your “upline” (and you are their “downline”.) They are a mentor for you and be your first stop for questions. If you don’t know anyone, you can always call Thirty-One directly and they will put a consultant in touch with you. When you join, you will also be added to a local Director for in person training meetings. There is a great support system around you all the time!

I don’t think it’s important to have your upline close by. In fact it might be difficult if you both are working in the same territory. The Thirty-One sisterhood is strong! There are so many groups on Facebook with consultants sharing tips and holding each other accountable. I have several local consultants that I touch base with to chat and bounce ideas off. We all work for different uplines. When I have a question, my first step is to ask my upline (usually via text) or the Director in my area. And within minutes my questions are answered! I’ve also emailed them drafts on sales flyers I created for their input. Your upline is a great source of information and tips. So take some time and choose your upline wisely!

Bottom line, it is important to have great communication with your upline but it’s not necessary to have them in your region. Find someone you get along with and will respond quickly to you.


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