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Facebook 101 for Thirty one

OK Facebook is a power house for marketing and communications. Embrace it!

It’s a bit confusing to set up different pages (at least I thought so initially). This is what I did. I highly suggest this order!!

  1. Went to my personal page and on the bottom navigation bar do “create page”. I created a local business page with a shop now button that goes to the URL I purchased ( I populated it with keywords and descriptions on Thirty-One and my area so anyone looking for a salesperson in my area can find me! I added a few stock pictures from TOT (Thirty One
  2. I began a private group called my VIP Bags and Bin group. This is where I do all my fun stuff (giveaways, sales posts, cute pictures of Thirty-One uses). I only post twice a week or maybe a bit more when a big sale is happening. I know some consultants post daily but I’ve gotten feedback from my customers that I was flooding their news feed and it was annoying. I appreciated hearing that SO much! It didn’t hurt my feelings at all and now I am much more comfortable with my posts.
  3. Update your personal page with your work information. Make an announcement that you have begun working for Thirty-One and ask who would like to join your private group for sales and giveaways. Always ask before you add people to your private group. Don’t be presumptious that everyone wants to join! Maybe every three months I post something to my personal page about Thirty-One but I really keep this page as my non-job area. I want people to feel they can be friends with me without a constant barrage of sales talk about how much I love Thirty-One!

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