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Buy a URL for your Thirty-One business

It is easier to market your online store and for people to remember it when you have a catchy URL. The home office sets up your personal website. Mine is  But it’s long and hard to remember if you don’t know me.

So I went to and bought a URL: for $9.99/year. You can easily set up a redirect so anyone who types in your URL will go right to you Thirty-One website.

Try mine:

See? Clean and easy!

Now…what to name your Thirty-One business? Consultants are not allowed to use Thirty-One’s name in their URL or Facebook groups. The company wants visitors to see their main page if someone searches, not 1,000 different consultants websites and the company’s official page mixed in the middle somewhere. So time to get creative! Start thinking of names to call your little piece of the Thirty-One world. I wrote out a list of words and phrases that made me think of Thirty-One and that helped me narrow it down. Once you have a few ideas you like, go to (or other website hosting companies) and search if it’s available. Buy the one you like best and start referring people to your easy-to-remember site!


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