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Setting up your business foundation

Planning ahead will help so much as you begin your Thirty-One business. First? I would open up a bank account just for your Thirty-One business. It help so much to keep expenses separate. I also have a credit card that I only put business expenses on. Look around and get one with a 0% interest rate for the intro period. You might need a little credit as you go shopping with your employee discount!!

Next, plan your work space. Do you have an office? A desk? A tablet and folders? Think of where you will do work in your home and prep. Even if you don’t plan on working at your house much, you will still need a plan to keep all the marketing and order information you will get from the home office.

When I first started, I had papers EVERY WHERE. Little bits, here and there. AND guys? I am organized and still fell into the trap! I’d put my thoughts on scrap paper, project ideas, leads etc. I would jot it down and get to it when the kids are in bed. At least that was the idea. It doesn’t take long for little papers to take over!

SOOOOO……have a system. Whatever works well with your style. But have one spot for every section.

For me? This is what works for me!
* simple folder for receipts. Most expenses go on one credit card for easy tracking except those paid with cash (receipt goes in folder)

* plastic poly folder with pockets and sheet protectors with my master catalog and Thirty-One specials. This baby comes with me to every party and every time I have a sales call. It’s my security blanket! I always know where my master catalog is and its portable and protected.

* Wunderlist on my iphone for my to-do list (it is wonderful!!!)

* a plastic three drawer unit to keep all my paper supplies (catalogs, mini catalogs, order forms, recruiting info). I know right where a catalog is if someone needs it!

This is a topic we could spend a lot of time on. But for now get your basic go-to folders up and going. You can always adapt it later!


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